We have so far registered 67,789 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
William EachoAugust 16, 1926Born in Florida
Peter EadeMay 13, 1927Born in Worthing
Cramford EagelshamMay 5, 1924Born in Glasgow
Friend EagerJune 8, 1913Born in Gateshead
D. Eagle
John C. EakinsMay 30, 1920Lived in Mullowa Perth W. Australia
Harry EalesJune 28, 1924
Herbert H. Eales
Allan EarleAugust 26, 1922Born in Dunkin
Donald EarleNovember 9, 1921Born in Toronto
Lionel EarleNovember 16, 1909Born in London
William F. EarlesOctober 3, 1926Born in Portland
Normann John EarlAugust 19, 1923Born in Tiford
Harold EarnshawNovember 25, 1920Born in Sheffield
William EarpNovember 22, 1923Born in Birmingham
Vernon EasleyJuly 30, 1927Born in Enfield
Mohamed Abdul Basit EassaBorn in Port Sudan
William EasterbrookNovember 16, 1922Born in Erinsville
Louis EastermanApril 15, 1913Born in Birmingham
Ronald Albert EasterDecember 8, 1924Born in Hamilton
George EastJanuary 24, 1920Born in London
George EastMay 31, 1904Born in London
Harold EastAugust 23, 1917Born in Barking
Herbert Henry EastNovember 19, 1911Born in London
Douglas EasthorpeMay 30, 1926Born in Durban