We have so far registered 68,195 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Yacout Mohamed A. Wabah1914
Edvin B. WabakkenJune 2, 1917Lived in Nevlunghavn, Brunlanes
Walter Thune WabakkenSeptember 28, 1912Born in Thune, Tønsberg
Keith WachtelOctober 30, 1924Born in Wayville
Florent Wackenier (Wackier)January 21, 1921Born in Antwerpen
Fred WaddenSeptember 27, 1913Born in New Waterford, Canada
Geoffrey WaddingtonOctober 12, 1920Born in Bolton, U.K.
Cedrik WaddleMarch 21, 1907Born in India
James WaddleOctober 24, 1922Born in Gateshead, U.K.
James Waddle
Alex WadeOctober 12, 1905
Charles E. WadeDecember 31, 1910Born in Texas, U.S.A.
Dick WadeApril 21, 1922Born in Truro
John WadeMarch 7, 1923Lived in 18 Camborne Road, Horfield, Bristol 7, U.K.
Kenneth M.A. WadeMay 1, 1922Born in Vancouver, B.C.
Arne WadelJune 20, 1908Born in Bø i Vesterålen
Axel Olsen WadelJanuary 17, 1898Born in Harstad
Helle Wadeled (Wædeled)September 4, 1921Born in Bogense
Leslie WadeAugust 14, 1922Born in Canada
Fritz Olaf WadelAugust 15, 1916Born in Horten
Max WadeAugust 28, 1896Born in Augusta Ma.
Raymond WadeMay 9, 1924Born in Montreal, Canada
Victor WadeOctober 5, 1926Born in Belfast, N.Ireland
William WadeMarch 31, 1916Born in Manchester, U.K.
George WadkinJun 1923Born in Spofforth.