We have so far registered 67,718 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Stanley AbbeMarch 2, 1909Born in Hull
Charles AbbotBorn in England
Frank AbbotSeptember 24, 1908Born in Windsford, Uk
Jack AbbotJanuary 7, 1920
M.J. AbbotFebruary 24, 1924Born in Leicester, UK
Walter AbbottMarch 12, 1908Born in Stratham
Frederich Abdullah1921Born in Cardiff
Mansel V. AbrahamDecember 5, 1918Born in Britton-Ferry, UK.
Fred (Effrahim) AbrahamsFebruary 11, 1914Born in London
Syril AbrahamSeptember 26, 1914Born in Georgtown, B.C. Canada
John Seymour AbramsAugust 26, 1924Born in Portsmouth, Uk.
Horace AbreyNovember 16, 1919Born in Ritchmond, Uk.
Günter AchtentuchSeptember 6, 1921Born in Berlin
Charles AckerlyLived in New Plymouth, New Zealand
Walter AckersFebruary 14, 1911Born in Halsall, UK.
Lionel C. AcklandAugust 23, 1923Born in London, England
Maximo AcordaNovember 8, 1886Born in Liverpool, UK.
Albert ActonAugust 13, 1926Born in Manchester, UK
Allan AdairJanuary 13, 1925Born in Kilsith, UK
Fred James AdamApril 12, 1910Born in Montrose, Skottland
Albert AdamsOctober 3, 1924Born in Earlston, UK
Antony D. AdamsAugust 19, 1926Born in Bristol, UK
Clifford AdamsAugust 25, 1921
George AdamsMay 27, 1922Born in New Zealand
Leslie H.P. AdamsMay 4, 1906Lived in 64 Barbot Str. Edmington, UK