We have so far registered 68,255 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
R. L. AdamsOctober 20, 1920Born in Auckland, New Zealand
Robert AlexanderFebruary 9, 1905Born in Wellington
Norman T. AllcookOctober 4, 1916Born in Waiuku, New Zealand
Thomas AndersonMarch 27, 1924Born in New Zealand
Jack Neville AndrewsSeptember 5, 1924Lived in 130 Dipon St. Masterton, New Zealand
Douglas Audfroid (Andfroud)January 4, 1918Born in New Brunswick
Laurentze BanksSeptember 22, 1915Lived in 27 Throndon Quay, Wellington, New Zealand
Robert BarrAugust 15, 1911Lived in 6347 Boulevard Monk, Montreal, Canada
Leonard BartlettMarch 22, 1928Born in Kawakawa, New Zealand
Trevor BeaverMarch 17, 1925Born in Auckland, New Zealand
Wyvern Bigg-WitherApril 14, 1923Born in Hawera
Carl BirckleyJuly 26, 1928Born in Auckland, New Zealand
Gereral Francis BourkeApril 28, 1925Born in Dunedin
Alfred BroughApril 4, 1920Born in New Zealand
Syral Stanley BrownDecember 24, 1924Born in Ch. Ch. N.Z
Louis BrunoSeptember 1, 1912
Carl B. BuckleyJuly 26, 1925Born in Christchurch
Harold CapillDecember 1, 1917Born in Auckland, New Zealand
Douglas CarlyleJanuary 16, 1916
Carl A.L. CarstensenJanuary 9, 1924Born in Dunedin, New Zealnd
David ChaneyAugust 2, 1913Born in Christchurch, New Zealand
James Edward CoatesJanuary 19, 1926Born in Wellington
Clive CooperSeptember 15, 1924Born in Auckland
Frederick Brian CrafarFebruary 6, 1925Born in Wanganui
Andrew CrawfordAugust 29, 1925Born in Dunedin