We have so far registered 68,137 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Bjarne LundOctober 10, 1898Born in Trondheim
Charles LundeMarch 8, 1916Lived in Strinda
Edmund LundJuly 7, 1920Born in Strinda
Sverre LundeFebruary 17, 1917Born in Trondheim
Harald LundAugust 7, 1895Born in Trondheim
Henry Johan LundNovember 20, 1892Born in Trondheim
Ingemar LundAugust 15, 1920Born in Meldal
Leif Meier LundJune 11, 1906Born in Rissa
Aksel Margido Lund (Lid)March 24, 1901Born in Trondheim
Gustav Fredrik LundmannSeptember 12, 1900Born in Trondheim
Per LykkeFebruary 6, 1920Lived in Tidemannsgt. 40. Trondheim
Johannes LyngJanuary 9, 1921Born in Stransund
Sverre LyngvoldNovember 9, 1922Born in Lysøysund
Einar J. Johnsen LyngværApril 19, 1924Born in Nord Frøya
Ingolf Alfred LyngværFebruary 6, 1911Born in Nord Frøya
Gustav Berner LyseNovember 20, 1901Born in Trondheim
Arnfin Kristian LysøFebruary 7, 1916Lived in N. Jonsgt. 1, Trondheim
Julius (Godtfred) LysøeApril 25, 1895Born in Trondheim
Lars Jørgen LysøJune 8, 1912Born in Lysøysund
Martin Jørginius LysøJanuary 29, 1901Born in Trondheim
Leif LøckraMay 4, 1905Born in Trondheim
Gunnlaug Helmine Lund LøkenOctober 21, 1917Born in Helgeland
Arne LøkkeDecember 26, 1896Born in Trondheim
Sverre Georg LønvikMarch 16, 1915Born in Trondheim
Norvald Steffensen LøtvedtFebruary 7, 1918Born in Trondheim