We have so far registered 67,789 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
H. Edwards
Henry J. EdwardsApril 20, 1915Born in Trearchy
James EdwardsMay 27, 1926Born in Ringwood
John EdwardsFebruary 9, 1913
John EdwardsApril 25, 1925Born in Liverpool
John EdwardsDecember 5, 1928
John EdwardsNovember 8, 1924Born in Birmingham
John Lewis EdwardsNovember 12, 1925Born in Fremantle
John W.E. EdwardsJune 22, 1922Born in Portsmouth
John William EdwardsAugust 29, 1925Born in Dartmouth
Keith EdwardsJuly 8, 1924Born in St. Catherine
Kenneth EdwardsOctober 2, 1924Born in Bombay
Lionel EdwardsApril 25, 1911Born in Woldingham
Michael EdwardsApril 6, 1927Born in San Francisco
Murray EdwardsJanuary 15, 1915Born in Sydney, Canada.
Norman EdwardsSeptember 1, 1919Born in London
Norman A. EdwardsonApril 13, 1926Born in St. Hilens
Owen John EdwardsFebruary 23, 1926Born in Pontypridd
P. Edwards
Percy EdwardsMay 31, 1911Born in Hull
Peter Henry EdwardsNovember 2, 1927Born in Shrewsbury, UK
R.E. EdwardsApril 29, 1920Born in Walthamstow
Reginald EdwardsOctober 23, 1924Born in Wales
Richard EdwardsJanuary 16, 1912Born in Stoke
Robert EdwardsMarch 14, 1926Lived in 133(353) Queen str. Auckland