Størmer Gundvald Chlausen

The information on registered seafarers is not in all cases complete. As new sources are studied, information on engagements and medals etc. will be added to some of the already registered seafarers.

Date of birth

April 20, 1911


Johan og Sophia




Norway flaggNorway



Place of living

Langhaug, Gressmyr, Torsken




Skytter / GunnerU.d.m. (Utskrevet dekksmann)




  • Participant in WW2
  • Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen, s. 395:
    Innlemmet i Shetlandsgjengen: 0.3.1943, nr. -.
    Antall turer: -
    Overført annen virksomhet: 1.4.1943.

    Sjøforsvarets londonarkiv:

    Antatt i Marinen: 28.12.1942, som: U.d.m.

    Sivil stilling: Kystskipper.

    Sivil utdannelse: Kystskipperskole, Navigasjonskurs.

    Sertifikater: Kystskippersertifikat.

    Dimittert fra Marinen: 18.9.1945. M.K.N.

    Hustru: Jensine Chlausen.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/308/8 (report dated December 1942):

    "There [Tromsø] he purchased a fishing cutter called the "STORM" from the Staden's Fiskeri Bank and fished and freighted with her round the Norwegian coast until the 9.4.40 when Norway was invaded. [...] CHLAUSEN states that his boat was requisitioned by the Norwegian Government and he for his own part served on various boats in the interest of the Government".

    "He replied that it was the practice of the Germans after the capitulation of Norway to bring pressure to bear on all Norwegian seamen at all events, as far as his knowledge is concerned, in Finmark and Troms and that, after he had refused to act as a skipper on a German troop carrier between Petsamo and Narvik [in June 1940 and] he was put in prison [for one week] and released on condition that he would accept civilian employment aboard ships."

    Påmønstret TRONDHEIM og FULTON siste halvdel av 1940. Nektet deretter å seile på tysk skip. "He was imprisoned again at Akershus for refusing to work, and remained there until just before Christmas 1940 when he was released and allowed to return to Tromsø. Here again he was arrested for not complying with labour regulations, and this time was sent to a camp near Hamburg, where he remained for 3 months.

    "In spite of having been arrested on three occasions for refusing to work for the Germans, CHLAUSEN finally submitted to skippering av German inspection vessel, aboard which he worked for more than a year." Førte tysk båt "TIDY" fra oktober 1941. Forsøkte å flykte med denne men måtte vende tilbake: "he told the story of taking the German vessel "TIDY" some 18 Norwegian sea miles out from Norway with a view to reaching the United Kingdom with the consent of the German officers on board." Sluttet i tjeneste med denne båt 4. juli 1942.

    "CHLAUSEN states that he was wanted by the Gestapo on the 4.7.42 for complicity in an act of sabotage in Porsanger, and therefore decided to take refuge and escape from the country".

    "Embarked: Stockholm. Arrived: Leuchars 3.12.42. ex 'plane G-AGDD. R.V.P.S: 4.12.42."


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    Sjøforsvarets londonarkiv ved Marinemuseet i Horten: P.7. kort 091-092.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/308/8